Firstly thanks for the notes and daily reviews since the start of September. More importantly thanks for the video reviews. Your honesty is in itself a massive help to any aspiring trader. I have learn’t an awful lot in 3 weeks and the good news for myself is that from your video I can see I’m doing a lot right. However I still have a lot to learn mainly when to get out of a trade for a loss. This comes from my current work/background which is full on punting. I have to learn that trading your notes is exactly that, TRADING, not gambling. Anyway, keep up the good work……I can only foresee further improvement as we move into the NH season.I honestly can’t speak highly enough of the whole package, analysis, support & honesty.



After my other past experiences of in play trading it put me off for life!  I was a bit scared to try this but after talking with you, with your guidance and videos you have no idea how valuable and educational they are. Along with the guide and running commentary of your videoed trades, it has given me the confidence now and I love this safe trading!  No other person out there invests in your learning for In Play so I have to say Matt your service is unique, you get things across clearly as well as coach us mentally too. You guide us with risk management, skills and give us a plan. I don’t feel put off or frightened anymore to do IP. You don’t make it a horror show! Thank you




I am enjoying watching and learning the back to lay  trading videos with@Huntforprofit The detailed notes followed by the after thoughts and videos are unique. I don’t know of any other services that also provide training with their notes. Its like having a 121 back to lay mentor! Thank u again!


I cannot tell you how much the videos have helped me. I am finally gaining discipline and seeing everything as a trade and not a bet.
this has been a revelation this HFP and your approach to viewing the markets. I have been doing this for years and generally following the same pattern of loads of seriously decent winning days and then one serious smash up day which undoes all the previous profits. Rinse and repeat and totally not sustainable. I have never really learned to read the markets and it is really interesting to note that all the info and signals you need are generally there right in front of your eyes. It really is not seeing the woods for the trees, being so engrossed in looking at the pic’s and trying to find the winner or lay horse, that I could not see the opportunities that the markets, in the form of the ladders, are presenting. Plus not knowing how and when markets move and I have learn’t more in last few weeks than in 5 years with regards to market movements.

Thanks again Matt- Appreciate the amount of time you spend on this with us guys. I done an in play course last March as it was run by the most high profile guy I had seen – due to his Twitter and YouTube stuff but I have got better insight into race reading in the last 2 weeks on here.



Before joining Matt, my trading was erratic. Absolutely no risk management. Now I seem to be making controlled steady profit. Top work



I’ve only used your service for a couple of days but I’ve learned so much from your user manual, notes, daily debriefs and videos. It’s put me back on track after I lost direction with my own ham-fisted efforts. Calmness, safe entries and good execution from now. Cheers, mate.



No other pro traders show others just what they are looking for, what they are planning, what to do if things go wrong, I have just learnt more in those few videos than I probably would doing any of the courses thanks very much Matt really appreciate all you do for us